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Of Earth and Sun

July 2016 The Fraser Gallery, Tatamagouche, NS

The environment around me inspires and challenges me. This body of work is where I explore the relationship between humans and the natural world. It has evolved from my previous work in landscapes and the human figure. It has felt like a natural progression to combine them in a series of works delving into my felt connection to the earth as a living entity.

I am been impressed with the interdependency of living things-humans included. Some of my inspiration comes from my practice of knitting. As I knit, turning string into cloth, I become aware of how the transformational process is everywhere. Sheep eat grass, fed by the sun. We gather the wool and knit the sun into garments that keep us warm.

This is the place farming has for me and for my art practice. They feed each other.

I decided some time ago I don’t have to choose between being a farmer or an artist. So I do both. And they feed each other.

Pamela Swainson


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